• No hidden extra charges
  • Fully trained staff
  • Free written no obligation quotation
  • Free use of all types of packing materials
  • Full or part packing service
  • Written contract guaranteeing a Professional Standard of Performance
  • Nowra's oldest removalist company, established 1950
  • Friendly & reliable service.
Removal & Packing

When you ask us to pack the cartons for you, you get three real advantages:

      1. Your house is not cluttered with boxes for weeks before you move as you try to pack a little each night.
      2. You have more time to do the hundreds of other last minute chores without worrying about completing the packing
      3. Your insurance gives you extra cover if you let us pack the cartons for you.


No More Crushed Clothes
You dont need to squash all your clothes into a box. We provide Porta Robes, portable wardrobes for hanging your clothes safely in transit.

Free From Dust & Rain
Your matresses, lounges, and other upholstered furniture are safe from grubby hands, rain or dust, because we will cover them with specially made plastic covers before they leave the house. of course, then they are wrapped again in quilted furniture blankets when loaded into the van.

Protection For Your Carpets Too
Your front entrance is protected from dust & dirt which may be brought in by the extra traffic on removal day. We will probably walk through your doorway hundreds of times, so we put a carpet cover down inside the front door to contain the risk of dirt.

Everything Where You Want It
When we deliver to your new home, you won't have to worry about placing the furniture in the right spot. We will place everything where you want it, and, if you want it repositioned, we will do it, gladly. You won't break your back moving it yourself ten minutes after our truck has gone.

The Convenience of Paying Over The Phone
You have more options of payment with us. You can pay by credit card. Credit card payment can be arranged over the phone with our office so there's less paperwork for you on the day.

Experience The Difference
As Nowra's oldest furniture removal service, we have learned what the people of the Shoalhaven expect. And because we aim to be around for a long time yet, we'll make sure we look after you.